The Importance of Oral Health in Seniors

As far as health point of view when you getting older it requires attention and care too because aging shows its affects and if we don’t bother illness and injury can keep away us from happy and healthy life so it is mandatory to take care of yourself throughout your life. Just because of this we have to maintain good habits for living the life strong and energetic the major part is all it depends on your diet it helps and stay strong your immune system. Oral health plays a vital role in the whole process.

Oral health of seniors requires more attention because aging causes in the result of teeth loss and it is creating trouble for them it indicates of mental and physical health declining between 60 to 74.

Older adult need to be very vigilant about teeth and gums that their golden years should not be affect.

Gums usually refers to severe diseases.

Periodontal disease may affect at any age but it attacks the seniors very easily because their immune system is too much weak. The bacteria which links and causes the gum disease very fast and it also related to chronic disease as well. Bad oral health leads to damage the immune system as well as your heart too because heart has four valves which must clear enough so it will not affect the arteries. The bad oral health and poor hygiene can store and producing fat in the arteries which leads to the chronic pain and jerks to the heart and it may cause death in the result to the heart failure.

Dry Mouth

It is a condition in which it is called xerostomia it cause by an inadequate amount of saliva. It is hard to maintaining saliva clean and healthy mouth. It is used to remove food particles which can lead to bacteria. The bad bacteria leads to bad breath, tooth decay which in result infection and tooth loss too. This bad bacteria attacks seniors very common issue nowadays because majority of the seniors take some medicine for living they are not 100% fit that’s why they used it and the dry mouth is a reaction of any medicine because they won’t take proper intake of water just to avoid to go to the toilet which in results acidity and the burning in chest too.

High blood pressure, depression, allergies, and pain these are the common problem amongst the seniors. Many major issues like cancer and serious illness, such as radiation and chemotherapy are the common cause of dry mouth.

When the aging process is start the people must take care of their self to maintain and balancing the healthy life style by few of the precautionary measures should be kept in their mind to stay away from getting into serious health problem.

  • Eating a balanced diet.
  • Treating and pay too much attention on dental problem wisely
  • Having teeth and gums checked/ clean twice annually
  • Limiting the sugar intake to prevent from cavities
  • Maintaining a regular routine of brush properly and flossing twice a day
  • Drinking at least 64oz of water per day to neutralize the acids
  • Undergoing gum disease treatment if recommend otherwise no need of it.

The basic purpose of sharing the information with you people just aware from the consequences of bad oral health because bad oral health well coming the diseases to you by your own self. This thing is specially for the seniors that they must take some precautionary measures when their aging process is to be started and serious about them self.

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